Nudity on Public Reflectors

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Mon, 16 Oct 1995 13:53:03 +0100


Of course I know you. I have been several times to your channel.
Reagrding CUSEEMESEX you wrote :

>Regarding the CUSEEMESEX reflector and nudity on PUBLIC reflectors, I must
>add my $.02 worth here. If you read the rules and etiquette section of my
>channel page, you will see that we frown upon sex on PUBLIC reflectors. Of
>course, I personally have no control over what goes on at sites such as
>this, but I think we have a duty to keep this kind of stuff off of the
>PUBLIC reflectors, and this is why we try to do in our channel. Sexual
>activity should be restricted to PRIVATE reflectors only. By PRIVATE, I
>mean the reflectors which require a conference number. I consider any
>reflector with a conference number of zero to be a PUBLIC one, and these
>should be used in a responsible manner. Don't get me wrong, I like sex as
>much as anyone else, but it should not be easily accessible by children.
>This is just my opinion, flames will be promptly trashed.

I think you misunderstood me. I quote from my own mail:

If we do want CU to stay alive and grow further, behave yourselves on
public reflectors. Otherwise owners/maintainers on a large scale might shut
reflectors down or make them private. And no one is served by that. Adult
contents/exposure might just be the stick they need to kick all CU users
If we all want to keep enjoying the use of CU-SeeMe do the things you want
to do on the reflectors intended for that purpose.

Look at the first and last sentence.
So I can say only one thing to you and the rest of the CU community I
totally agree with your statement.

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