QuickCam for Windows INFO

Andrew Germaine (andrewg@carfax.ims.advantis.com)
Mon, 16 Oct 1995 16:10:00 -0400 (EDT)

Well i received my QuickCam for Windows last week. Heres the deal.
If you set it to 160x120 64 shades of gray, you get a VERY washed out
image from the camera. Its full size but the grays are screwey. Any other
combo of image size and shades of gray yields an unviewable image.

The QuickCam works just fine on its own. It takes wonderful movies and
stills. The only complaints I have are:

A: The Parallel plug is SO FAT that it doesnt fit into the printer port on
my computer at home while the mouse is plugged into the com port next
to it. I dont see WHY such a fat plastic connector head case is used.
I find it a **TIGHT** fit on my PC at work, sitting next to my monitor

B: The cable on the back of the ball points up, so the cable pulls the
camera down in the back making it face up too much. Ive used a small piece
of velcro between the base and the ball to hold it still at almost any

C: why take power from the keyboard? doesnt the parallel port supply power?

D: even though i changed my parallel port in CMOS setting to "bi
directional", quickcam still thinks its unidirectional.

But hey, you still cant beat it for $99. ITs fun and its creative.