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Luc Volders (
Sun, 15 Oct 1995 15:19:45 +0100

To All,

There are 3 different messages all with a different content.
If you are interested in the reflector list. Read them all please.

For those who have missed a small excerpt of what happened.

About 2 weeks ago i send a message to this mail list.

If there are 1900 subscribers on this list which all are interested in
CU-SeeMe, why not stick together.
Send in the IP's of reflectors you all know about and so let us make a list
off al reflectors available.
This list could be updated by the subscribers to the mail list on a
regular base.

I offered to be the one who was co-ordinating this list if everybody agreed.
But before starting this list I wanted your opinion and reactions on this.

A second message concerning this was send because on the first message I
only received 21 reactions.

A third message was send, because I thought it would be a matter of
coutesy that at least the reflector maintainers/owners should be asked
permission for adding the IP's of their reflector to our list.

Now we are entering the third week.

First of all I want to thank everybody who participated in the
I received loads of mail and I am evaluating all this mail at this time.
I must say I had NO negative reactions.

The reactions I got were:
- Apologies for not reacting any earlier
- thanking me for starting such a project
- offering me help
- offering www space
- people sending me their reflector lists (just a few did actually)

Again I want to thank everybody who took the time to read my messages
and replied.
Some were just thanking notes, others I responded to because they needed
an answer to their messages.

Just a few of you send me new IP's. Don't be shy. Maybe if you just have
one IP I do not have: send it anyway. This is the only way we can get this
up and running and complete.

So this week a decided to start the project.
I send out (until now about 50) messages to reflector maintainers/owners
for giving me permission.
Now I have received 10 reactions from owners/maintainers. Almost every day
permissions get in.
The list is send to you in a different message. As I stated before, the
list wil only contain reflector IP's from which the maintainer/owner has
given permission.

This message is followed by 2 other messages:
- Help requested
Not that I do not want to do it on my own, but I really could use some help.
Read this only if you are really willing to offer some help.
- Reflector list 1
The reflector list.

I want to thank again everybody for their hart-warming messages and I just
hope I will not screw this up.

Best regards,

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Luc Volders