RE:Deleting unwanted IP's from Cuseeme

martin wheeler (
Mon, 16 Oct 1995 10:11:48 +0100

Jo Asked
> Wondering if anyone knows if it is possible to delete reflector IP
>addresses from the connect option. I have a lot of unwanted addresses that
>I no longer use and would like to clean up my Cuseeme.

Martin Answers: (This is for Mac, I know nothing about the PC situation.)
If you open the CU-SeeMe Nicknames file in your Preferences folder
in the System folder from WITHIN a word processor, you will see a list in
the form : "alias", nickname, IP address, then some stuff with s,r, n etc
(i am writing this from memory, but it's something like this: codes
concerning send +receive video prefs, i think)
If you delete a whole line , starting with the "alias", you will
delete IP address. Make sure the changed file ends up in your pref folder -
it's icon will change to the file icon of the WP being used -but it works.
If anybody knows a more elegant method (without resorting to
ResEdit etc) let me know.