Sattler's reflector list

Kevin at Freeside Support (
Mon, 16 Oct 1995 16:09:52 -0500 (CDT)

Mike Frazier ( wrote:
> If you have WWW, check out On that page, there
> is a way to get to Michael Sattler's reflector list. There is a catch, however.
> He is trying a concept called "e-cash" in which you request this free electronic
> "script money" to buy services. You have to use this to get the list. All well
> and good, but even after repeated contacts to the e-cash people, no e-cash
> password is being sent to me! Thus, I, like you, am still in the dark.

Charging e-cash to request a simple reflector list is unwieldy even if the
e-cash *is* free. If someone who wants to hassle with the e-cash wants to
pull the list periodically and have it put up somewhere else that people
can get to it easily, I'll provide a place. The same offer is extended to
anyone keeping their own list that needs a place for free (this is the net
after all! since when do we belive in hassling/charging people to get some
information?) distribution.

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