Re: Quickcam as camara w/ capture board?

Mike Frazier (
Wed, 18 Oct 1995 21:23:24 -0400

>Does anyone know whether the Quickcam for Windows can be used as just a
video camera to work with a capture card? I've already got the card, but
wouldn't mind freeing up my camcorder.
My best guess is "no." This is because capture cards are set up to capture
standard protocols like NTSC (this is what your TV uses and is short for
"Never the Same Color"). QuickCam is so cheap because they eliminate all the
circuitry required to create a standard protocol (I believe RS-170 is the B&W
standard) and then decode it in a standard capture card. Basically they are
just strobing the CCD in the camera through the parallel port of the computer
(devilishly clever I might add!). This means the QuickCam is too "dumb" to
use with a typical capture card.

Mike Frazier