Re: Mac only list please!
Wed, 18 Oct 1995 20:07:48 -0500

Downloading 20 messages per day that you don't want to read is a problem
for some Net users because of their setup. Subscribe to several lists, and
the problem can be multiplied. The subjects are pretty self explanatory
without adding Mac or PC. Adding Mac or PC would help, but downloading all
that extra mail will still be a problem.

So yes, this list should be split in two, and people who are interested in
both PCs and Macs (are there that many??) can subscribe to both lists.

Alternatively, if one really wanted to solve this problem once and for all
for all lists, one would work to improve listserv software. A few
features, such as having the listserv not send mail with subjects beginning
with pc or mac, and having listserv affix the name of the list to each
subject, would greatly improve things. If anyone knows of any lists where
this can be discussed with people who write the listserv software, please
post it.

Or people could just get a real computer and get a Mac :-)
heh heh heh But that's beside the point :-)


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