Time for newsgroups?

Rogene Talento (labrat@teleport.com)
Wed, 18 Oct 1995 18:15:10 -0700

At 12:04 PM 10/18/95 -0700, Chet Dilday wrote:

>the instant I double clicked on it. Total time to success: less than 10
>minutes. I am sympathetic to the plight of the PC users but I will soon
>quit this list because of the number of messages with PC problems. Hope I
>havent offendend the PC masses out there, but the situation is getting

I'm a PC user, and I'll have to agree with you...I find far too much traffic
on this list, most of it useless to me.

I really think it is time to bring up the subject of newsgroups again. I
know people have tried in the past, and for reasons unknown to me, they
could never get any established. I really have no idea how newsgroups are
established, but it seems to me that if there are groups like
"alt.cows.moo.moo.moo!" there ought to be room for a Cu-Seeme group...

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