[*] message subject line coding proposal and vote?

creedon@teleport.com ("creedon@teleport.com)
Thu, 19 Oct 1995 00:07:58 -0700

Several weeks ago I proposed that subject lines for messages be coded
so that readers can identify for which platform a message is
intended. I've kept track of responses to my message and here is my
take on the messages related to my original post.

The subject line of articles should be prepended with one of the
following codes so that readers can more easily decide which messages
they want to read.

The following 3 codes seemed to be obvious...

[M] for messages related to the Macintosh platform

[W] for messages related to the Windows platform

[U] for messages related to the Unix platform

I had orginally suggested [?] as a catch-all code but most folks
seemed not to like that one. The following code seems to be a better
choice. This could be the catch-all code.

[*] for general messages.

There was a suggestion for codes that would cover specific aspects of
CU-SeeMe functionality such as video, audio, talk window and
reflector. I think that might involve a 2 letter code sytem. One
for platform and one for the area of fuctionality that you want to
address. Something like this may be needed in the future. I suggest
we get our feet wet with the platform and general message codes and
expand if needed.

One code that we probably should use from the above suggestion would
be a reflector software question code. The following was the
suggested code.

[R] for messages related to the reflector software.

There where several suggestions to split the mail list into different
platform specific lists. I for one would like keep this all on one
list for now. I work in a multi-platform envrionment and benefit
from keeping abreast of developments on all the software releated to
CU-SeeMe. Sometime in the future I can see a potential need to split
the list if the number of messages grows. Where the cut off point is,
I don't know. I get the feeling that most folks are not having a
problem with the current amount of mail coming through the list. If
we use these subject line conventions it should strech this time even

I think the coding conventions that we agree on should be included in
the List Instructions that are mailed out by Graig Kaplan, the list
maintainer. I'm not sure if this is feasable but I am willing to
find out.

If no one has a problem with the above codes we could start using
them. Do you feel that we should take a vote on these codes?