Splitting the list

Thu, 19 Oct 1995 12:37:23 -0500

>> this mailing list mostly pertaining to PCs. I have a Mac and I'm only
>> interested in Mac related stuff. Is it possible to split this mailing list?
>> I cannot continue to subscribe to a list with so much PC noise(no offense
>> intended to PC users). I apologize in advance if this has already been
>> discussed in the past.
> I agree with Clint, I don't want to listen to Mac related noise either >:) ,
>so we should split the list. Who is the maintainer of this list?

There is too much information here that is related to both the PC and the
MAC for the list to be split. Maybe if people put [B] for both, [M] for
MAC, or [W] for Windows in their subjects, you could just delete all the [M]
or [W] messages, depending on which ones you didn't want. I believe that is
too much to expect, tho, since people subscribe and unsubscribe to this list
frequently. There is no way to let the new subscribers know to do this in
advance. Just be glad that there IS a list in the first place, besides,
it's all free info, and you might just learn something about the other
platform that could be helpful to you anyway.
Bill Woodland
Squeek on Undernet IRC channel #CU-SeeMe