Re: [*] message subject line coding proposal and vote?
Thu, 19 Oct 1995 10:51:17 -0700

>Several weeks ago I proposed that subject lines for messages be coded
>so that readers can identify for which platform a message is
>intended. I've kept track of responses to my message and here is my
>take on the messages related to my original post.
>The subject line of articles should be prepended with one of the
>following codes so that readers can more easily decide which messages
>they want to read.
>The following 3 codes seemed to be obvious...
> [M] for messages related to the Macintosh platform
> [W] for messages related to the Windows platform
> [U] for messages related to the Unix platform
>I had orginally suggested [?] as a catch-all code but most folks
>seemed not to like that one. The following code seems to be a better
>choice. This could be the catch-all code.
> [*] for general messages.
>There was a suggestion for codes that would cover specific aspects of
>CU-SeeMe functionality such as video, audio, talk window and
>reflector. I think that might involve a 2 letter code sytem. One
>for platform and one for the area of fuctionality that you want to
>address. Something like this may be needed in the future. I suggest
>we get our feet wet with the platform and general message codes and
>expand if needed.
>One code that we probably should use from the above suggestion would
>be a reflector software question code. The following was the
>suggested code.
> [R] for messages related to the reflector software.
>I think the coding conventions that we agree on should be included in
>the List Instructions that are mailed out by Graig Kaplan, the list
>maintainer. I'm not sure if this is feasable but I am willing to
>find out.
>If no one has a problem with the above codes we could start using
>them. Do you feel that we should take a vote on these codes?
>Thomas@PDX,OR USA

Yours is the truly intelligent approach. However, it has one flaw -- it
requires people to take some personal responsibility and put some effort
into solving their owwn problem. That runs counter to the current
"mass-think," which is "Someone else should solve my problem" -- even if it
is with a FREE SERVICE! Most don't care how much time, effort or money it
costs SOMEONE ELSE to solve their problems.

I am not affiliated with any company or organization, and I hope that this
general "flame" wakes up a few parasites.

The issue is not "Mac vs. Others" or "Others vs. Macs" -- it is how do WE
cut down on the number of unwanted messages. Your coding system, combined
with personal "filtering" will do exactly that. Thanks!

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