RE: Quickcam as camara w/ capture board?

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This is incorrect. The Connectix QuickCam is a DIGITAL camera. It does =
not require a video capture board at all The images are already digital =
and therefore no digitizer is needed. NTSC and PAL signals are ANALOG =
signals which need to be digitized to be captured. The QuickCam is =
functionally a camera and digitizer built in to a ball.

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Subject: Re: Quickcam as camara w/ capture board?

My best guess is "no." This is because capture cards are set up to =
standard protocols like NTSC (this is what your TV uses and is short for
"Never the Same Color"). QuickCam is so cheap because they eliminate all =
circuitry required to create a standard protocol (I believe RS-170 is =
the B&W
standard) and then decode it in a standard capture card. Basically they =
just strobing the CCD in the camera through the parallel port of the =
(devilishly clever I might add!). This means the QuickCam is too "dumb" =
use with a typical capture card.