Re: "No response from ..." error message

John R. Haggis (
Thu, 19 Oct 1995 13:35:57 -0700

We're currently debugging it but Andrew at Deakin in Melbourne had the same
problem. Trying direct connects we found that CUSM packets would get to him
but not out from him. All other Inet services we tried worked (with the
notable exception of Iphone, but we can't test directionality on that).

Now here's another chap with a ".edu" address that's having problems. I
wonder if there's some kind of firewall filtering going on... I suggested
that Andrew try a commercial Inet provider with his exact same system setup
and see if he has better luck. I'll post the results when he gets it.

Anyone packet/service/protocol-savvy out there who can tell me about the
protocols involved in CUSM and maybe some clues as to why packets would get
in but not out of a workstation?

- JohnR

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