[M?] Re: using quickcam and modem (was 'no subject')

Steven Taubman (sjt@GFDL.GOV)
Thu, 19 Oct 1995 16:28:27 -0400 (EDT)

I don't know if you have a Mac or a PC, but I encountered this problem on
the Mac. When you install the QuickCam software on the Mac it asks you if
you want to use the printer port or the modem port. If you select the modem
port when you first install it, you must re-install the software to switch
to the printer port...and so, the answer to your first question is, use
the printer port for the quick cam and the modem port for the modem. ...now,
my problem is, I purchased an A/B switch box so I wouldn't have to be
constantly changing cables between my printer and quickcam, but a few weeks
after I did this the printer and quickcam stopped working when used with the
switchbox (they work without the box)...the only answer to this problem
that I've heard is that its an inherent problem with switchboxes and especially
the Mac IIsi.


> I recently purchased a Connectix QuickCam, my confusion is how to connet
> the camera and modem, so that I can use them at the same time. I talked
> to someone at Connectix, they did not have the answers, they suggested I
> talk to you all, please help. I did try plugging the Quickcam into the
> printer port, it did not work there. Maybe I am missing a step or two
> somewhere.

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