A book on CU-SeeMe

John D. Lauer (johnlaue@umich.edu)
Thu, 19 Oct 1995 17:30:11 -0400

A book on CU-SeeMe mainly written by Michael Sattler, with numerous
contributions by myself will be in stores by the end of September. Its in
its final production right now and has lots of pretty pictures and tons of
in depth discussions on setting up Mac and PC CU-SeeMe client software, and
setting up reflectors. The publisher is SAMS.

Enjoy it and buy lots of copies.

John Lauer

At 09:18 AM 10/19/95 -0400, bill mcintyre wrote:
>I'm new to this list trying to get a handle on all of the problems to set up
>CUSM on either a pc or a Mac. Why doesn't somebody write a nice
>easy-to-understand, step-by-step book with nice colorful illustrations
>that we can follow detailing all of the set-up and use, and the problems
>and incompatibility of peripherals? I'd buy two copies, one for me and
>one for the person I need to set this up with on the other end.
>Or, I would be willing to co-write one - any ideas?
>Bill McIntyre