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Brett C. Harvey (bharvey@Enigma.metro2.k12.mn.us)
Thu, 19 Oct 1995 20:44:55 -0500

>I recently purchased a Connectix QuickCam, my confusion is how to connet
>the camera and modem, so that I can use them at the same time. I talked
>to someone at Connectix, they did not have the answers, they suggested I
>talk to you all, please help. I did try plugging the Quickcam into the
>printer port, it did not work there. Maybe I am missing a step or two

My Apologies to the List - I attempted to reply directly but the mail was
returned to me. Therefore I am hoping it reaches the person this way.

Hello Dessa

Here is my suggestion if you are a mac user. The camera gets plugged in to
the printer port, as you tried BUT you have to turn appletalk off!!!
Appletalk, PPP, and the camera can not coexist.

I realize this leaves a dilema of not being able to print but we have to
make sacrifices sometimes - I had to. My long term solution was (and I
already did) was Ethernet my computer and printer - thus allowing me to
print, use CUSM and a modem.

Your modem uses the standard modem port - as you probably already had. I
hope you are not using ARA as the connection - if you are you can not use
the camera at the same time!!

BTW - in CUSM set your "settings" to max of 28's on send and receive.
Doesn't do any good to attempt to receive more than the modem will allow.
IN fact, data will get lost giving worse results.

To send Audio you need to set it at 16kbs (delta mode) and 100 ms. Those
sending to you MUST send at the same settings. If they (or you) use higher
settings the amount above 28.8 will get lost and therefore no sound

Good Luck!!


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