NOW What?

Thu, 19 Oct 95 20:42:15 PDT

Man, using this program just gets MORE frustrating! After realizing that I
was never going to get satisfactory performance out of my PC/14.4 modem, I
took the plunge and got an ISDN line. (The local phone company was offering a
special promotion in which they waive the installation charge of about $350 if
you get the TA from them.) So now I have a Motorola BitSURFR going into COM 2
of my 486-DX 50 Mhz, 16 MB RAM machine. Result: No better than the 14.4
modem. Find out that even though the machine is only about 2 1/2 years old,
it has low speed UARTs in the COM ports. Invest in new multi I/O card with
16550 UARTs. Result: BARELY perceptable improvement over the 14.4 modem.
Windows open erratically, some take MINUTES to fill in completely, then are
static for more minutes. Windows close then open up minutes later WITH THE
SAME VIDEO DATA that was there when they closed. Updates/refreshes affect
only portions of the window making it look like a jigsaw puzzle put together
wrong. Windows which start out strong quickly degrade to infrequent or no
refreshing. This SEEMS to be independent of how many senders/lurkers are
present. Same poor performance on reflectors with only one or two
senders/lurkers. NOW, to top it off, most of the usually dependable
reflectors such as NYSERNET and the Cornell test reflector are returning "No
Response from...." And suddenly EVERY window of EVERY reflector that I can
connect to displays the message "(Not Receiving)" at the bottom of the window,
and NO VIDEO DATA AT ALL comes through, i.e., all windows display the CUSeeme
logo continuously. The senders name/IP address/etc. still display. Also, the
two menu selections for video options under the programs "File" menu will no
longer open into additional sub-menus. I do not try to send yet, only lurk.
(No point in trying to send with this kind of performance). Is this as good
as it gets? H - E - L - P!!!!!!!!!!!