My provider cut me off!!!

David Berkham (
Thu, 19 Oct 1995 23:59:07 -0700

Daer CUSM list,

I am an educator who has been trying to develop and demonstrate the
tremendous potential that CUSeeMe has in the classroom. I have been
collaborating with another teacher in Texas, developing curriculum for our
elementary classrooms. Well, suddenly, yesterday, my provider(teleport)
made a decision to cutoff all CU-SeeMe use on their service, because of the
bandwidth problem it creates with their routers. They didn't bother to
tell me or other CUSM users about it. Talk about lousy business sense.
Anyway, I use a modem and according to them, that is the problem. They
said that CUSM was not designed for modems and even hogged bandwidth on
ethernet . I'm suddenly cut off from the one part of the net that I feel
has the most potential. Teleport suggested that any other provider would
do the same. How many of you out there have experienced similar problems?
Is this a trend? I'd like to hear from you. Thanks.-BTW. I'm looking for
a new provider but will keep this account until I'm ready to switch.

David Berkham
Rose City Park School
2334 NE 57th Avenue
Portland, OR 97213