[*] re:[*] message subject line coding proposal and vote.

William Mutual (wmutual@InterneXperts.com)
Fri, 20 Oct 1995 03:00:34 -0700

Tom Creedon (creedon@teleport.com) suggested this new CU-Seeme convention code:

[M] for messages related to the Macintosh platform

[W] for messages related to the Windows platform

[U] for messages related to the Unix platform

[*] for general messages.

[R] for messages related to the reflector software.

- I'm in!

>There was a suggestion for codes that would cover specific aspects of
>CU-SeeMe functionality such as video, audio, talk window and
>reflector. I think that might involve a 2 letter code sytem. One
>for platform and one for the area of fuctionality that you want to

- Too complicated.

>I think the coding conventions that we agree on should be included in
>the List Instructions that are mailed out by Graig Kaplan, the list
>maintainer. I'm not sure if this is feasable but I am willing to
>find out.

- I suggest in the future that this convention system is included at
the start of every CU-Seeme Listserve, with an inclusion to please use it.

>If no one has a problem with the above codes we could start using
>them. Do you feel that we should take a vote on these codes?

- No.


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