Win version of reflector avail

Daniel Kaegi (
Fri, 20 Oct 1995 07:03:04 +0600

John Falcone asked the two students from bangalore to implement a port of
the reflector software to windows. Actually it seems this has already been done.
This was posted to the list a couple of weeks ago.

>About a year ago, as part of another project, we converted the unix version
of the
>reflector for cu-seeme that we have been using internally. Basically this
is Winsock
>based reflector, hence we have checked it on windows, NT and win95. We have
made it
>available to several people who asked and it has been suggested we make it
available to
>cu-seeme users who may only have access to winsock platforms. It is free
but u know how
>tech people feel about documentation!
> In any event u may retrieve it from our web page and follow the links to
>I only ask that u be gentle until we get our higher speed line in place. I
would be
>interested (to a certain extent) to hear from u.
>Have fun....