Re: CuSeeMe and SLIRP/TIA

Bill Neisius (
Fri, 20 Oct 1995 07:30:56 -0700 (PDT)

> 3. Where I don't think it would work is if someone tried an incoming
> point-to-point connection with you. You certanly CANNOT give them your
> "dummy" IP address. That's only valid over the serial link between your
> machine and the SLIRP task running on the service provider. If you give
> them the IP address of the service provider's machine, there's no task
> running up there to field the socket open request. Even if you could run
> such a task, you'd have to compete with tens of others who may want to try
> to run a similar task. But since no such software exists it's a moot point.

Actually, I found that by adding the following line to the .slirprc

redir udp 7648 to 7648

that I could make a CUSM connection to the host machine
(Netcom at, and the connection was redirected to
my PC. I assume that there could be only 1 such redirect possible
per Netcom host...

ObByTheWay: Found another remotely operated camera. The Web page
at controls the camera seen at
reflector site Look for the lobster hanging from
the ceiling: rotate right and look up...

Bill Neisius