Virus is a HOAX.

Elliot Smith (
Sat, 21 Oct 1995 02:12:01 +22310826 (CDT)

Ok, I hope that this one message will suffice to kill this thing now :

Sorry, but you've been had. Good times is a hoax. it started sometime last
year or something.

You CANNOT receive a virus through e-mail. It is possible to send e-mails
which cause the system of the receiver to do funny stuff and choke but I
repeat this is not the same thing as a virus and it is not a problem.
You can receive a program through e-mail. But if you take the trouble to
run a program, you had better be sure it came from a secure source. If
you are not sure, don'
t download and run the program.

If you want to discuss these issues further, this list is not the place to
do it....