Toby Zabinski (
Sat, 21 Oct 95 21:51:36 -2400

I have several questions about CU-See-Me and I hope you can answer some
of them or direct me to someone who can.

1. We cannot hear real sound very well and I wonder if we need something
to make that happen. We hear bits and pieces of sound, but not complete
words or sentences. How can we fix that?

2. When we go to the talk portion of the program, we can see what we type
in, but it seems that no one else can, and we cannot seem to see what
anyone is typing in the talk portion. Do we need a special program or
something for the talk menu to work?

3. Can I bookmark sites I want to return to or must I type them in each

4. How can we find other reflector public sites? We know of two -
Nysernet and Cornell but those are frequently busy. Are there others?

5. Are there sites that specialize in French or Spanish - for my language
classes to visit?

6. I would like to have a local school - also with CU-See-Me software -
connect to my school. How can I do that? What do we need to make
ourselves open to them so that we can receive their call?

7. How does one become a reflector site?

I hope you can help answer some of these questions - we are very excited
about using CU-See-Me. I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Thank you so much for your help!

Toby Zabinski