Mac vs. PC, ah..enlightenment
Sat, 21 Oct 1995 23:12:52 -0400

I too used to think of my self as only a pc person. I also have been bother
by the
number of repetitive posts. I agree some sort of Id on the subject line
would be elpful. I receive the list in digest. I wish that I could read
the summaries and read only the full posts that interest me.

One thing I am getting into my thick skull* is it is time for me to
get a Mac (gasp, horrors!!). Can anyone help by letting me know what is the
least expensive Mac setup that will work well for Video, Voice etc. etc?? I
have a 500k cable modem connection, dedicated IP address.

Also on P to P connection is there a difference if both parties have the
same type or if one has a pc and the other a Mac?

Any help either thru personal email or on the list will be greatly appreciated?


*[I know some elderly people just learning the Inet; so why should'nt I be
willing the learn the Mac?]