Digest Mode for Cuseeme Mailist

Fri, 20 Oct 1995 21:52:13 +0000

Seems like a lot of bandwidth is being spent by people unhappy with
the amount of email they get by being a subcriber to this mailist. A
good alternative is the DIGEST mode. Using this mode you'll usually
receive only one email message a day (occasionally two) . I find that
I can quicly scroll thru this list and scan the messsages for those I
find meaningful.

Since I have a PC, I usually don't read anything with the word Mac or
Apple in the message. I suspose the inverse will work for Apple

I shouldn't do it since this was just posted but the way to get this
mailist in DIGEST mode is:

Send mail to: LISTPROC@cornell.edu
Make sure: The from field has the address you originally subscribed
Leave Subject line blank
Put in the message body: Set CU-SeeMe-L DIGEST

Like I said, this works well for me.

Doug Hendrix * Unix Guru's and Witch Doctors both
nhendrix@ro.com * have scars to prove how powerful they are ...