Re: My provider cut me off!!!

James Neeley (
Sun, 22 Oct 1995 00:06:01 -0800

>On Fri, 20 Oct 1995, Ian Carr-de Avelon wrote:
>> At 23:59 19-10-95 -0700, David Berkham wrote:
>> > suddenly, yesterday, my provider(teleport)
>> >made a decision to cutoff all CU-SeeMe use on their service, because of the
>> >bandwidth problem it creates with their routers.
>> What is their precise reason?
>> We have seen objections before that the reflector sent 100K which
>> the modem could not possibly pass through. So the poor old provider was
>> paying for 100K of Internet connection for a 28K modem customer. That is
>> supposed to be different in the new reflector. Is there still a problem, or
>> reflectors using the old code, or is the provider refusing to provide 28K of
>> Internet access for a modem customer.
>> The latter would be quite understandable. Looking at the charges for
>> private lines, I get the impression thet unlimited 28K access should cost
>> more like $500 per month than the prices charged. The low flat rate charges
>> depend upon a) not everyone being on line all the time b) most people on
>> line sending and receiving bursts rather than flat out.
>> It will be interesting to see how this develops. I can imagine that
>> the low flat rates may fall away and we will have meetering, or cheap
>> providers and providers with a full service. The real problem comes with the
>> fact that the providers are the Internet. If one provider blocks packets to
>> CU-SeeMe's sockets, this may prevent CU-SeeMe traffic between customers of
>> other providers. This could be just the opening that Bill Gates has been
>> looking for :-0)
>> Yours,
>> Ian

I agree... as many of you probably know, I am an op on the IRC undernet
channel #cu-seeme. We have had 6 of our regular users hit by Teleport's
blocking CU, and my internet provider is considering it... for the same

I offer to the the CU development team that preventing a wide-spread
blockage of CU by the ISP's around the nation should be high in their list
of priorities for CU modifications/upgrades, even higher than such popular
options as integrating QuickCam Windows (and yes, I have a QC on order too).
If anyone on the development team would like to see Teleport's explanation
of the problem, you can either e-mail me, or catch me on IRC. I have a file
containing the explanation sent from Teleport to it's customers..

Jim Neeley