[*] Behave !!!!

Luc Volders (luc@box.nl)
Sun, 22 Oct 1995 14:58:33 +0100

To all,

As you know I am compiling the reflector list which will be posted
regularly to this mailing list.

Besides getting permission from reflector maintainers/owners I also get
notes from them about ill-behaviour.

If we want to have as much as possible reflectors publically open to the CU
community please read these messages below and make your own conclusions.

One message was already send on this list by Nysernet. Nevertheless I
repeat it here.
The other one is new..........

Sigh. As you know, I don't work there anymore, but I have just been
informed that NYSERNet has taken down its public reflector on weekends
until further notice. This is due to "adult activity" and nudity.
During the week there is staff to monitor the reflector, but on the
weekends this does not always take place.
I know I am preaching to the converted for the most part, but if you can
do anything to stop inappropriate behavior on the public reflectors,
please do before the public reflectors disappear entirely. These things
take a lot of bandwidth, no one gets a dime for running one, and nobody
wants the liability overhead when someone gets offended and much of your
budget is public funds....
You should include a warning somewhere in your list information concerning
users attempting to direct connect to other people sending video streams to a
reflector. Users should only attempt a direct connection to a transmitted
video stream when they have permission from the sender of a video stream;
otherwise only connect to the reflector. Several reflector operators provide a
local video stream (generate a video stream from a local camera) for test
purposes. There have been numerous complaints concerning inconsiderate users
attempting direct connections to these video streams without permission. This
crashes the local video system. This is one way that a user can be banned from
a system (another is sending inappropriate video or audio to a reflector).
Because of the nature of the Ban option of the reflector daemon, the entire
subdomain is banned. Thus other users from the same internet service provider
is forced to live with the ban which is imposed from the improper behavior of
one individual.


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