[*] Re: My provider cut me off!!!

Sean Foderaro (jkf@frisky.Franz.COM)
Sun, 22 Oct 95 07:36:18 -0700

I suspect too that Cu-seeme bans will start to spread.

One simple way to fight back is the make the UDP port used for
cu-seeme traffic a configurable option. Internet providers can't ban all
traffic on all UDP ports.

I do have sympathy for the internet provider. He has limited
bandwidth and has oversold it to his customers, so if one person comes
along and hogs it all that ruins things for everyone else.

Since we last discussed this on this mailing list I understand that
reflectors have gotten a lot smarter about not sending packets that
will be dropped. If there have been any studies about the
effectiveness of this I think we would all like to hear them.
If the studies show good results then that might convince internet
providers to back off on the banning.

The interesting situation is a reflector connected to a
provider then through a modem to a user:

>= 1.5mbps 28.8kbps
reflector -------------- provider ------------ user

the question is:
After things stabilize and the reflector has 'learned' about
the characteristics of the user's line. What is the data rate
to the user? It should be less than 28.8kbps. If that is the case
then the provider shouldn't worry.

-sean foderaro