I need some help

Laurel Fry (wind@accucomm1.accucomm.america.net)
Sun, 22 Oct 1995 18:15:20 GMT

Could someone tell me how I can change my address to this list? My orginal
address, when I subscribed to this list was wind@accucomm1.accucomm.america.net
But, my provider has changed it/abbreviated it what you see now... I have
gotten HELP from the other list, but I have tried 3 times to use the correct
syntax, to change my address, and each time, I recieve a message, stating
that my command was incorrect and/or unvalid.

Could someone please respond by replying to me and typing EXACTLY what I
should type, to let the listserve know that my address is changed??? Please
dont use examples.... The HELP thing uses examples, and i guess I am too
dense to understand them... If anyone knows the EXACT synatac I should use
and whom I should address the command to, please respond to this message.

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