Re: My provider cut me off!!!

Rogene Talento (
Sun, 22 Oct 1995 12:16:53 -0700

At 07:36 AM 10/22/95 -0700, Sean Foderaro wrote:

> I suspect too that Cu-seeme bans will start to spread.

I agree. While the developers are correct in stating that CU-Seeme was
never meant for modem connections, the fact of the matter is that MANY
(perhaps majority?) CU-Seeme users ARE using modem connections.

> One simple way to fight back is the make the UDP port used for
>cu-seeme traffic a configurable option. Internet providers can't ban all
>traffic on all UDP ports.

Unfortunately, that is EXACTLY what Teleport did -- block ALL UDP traffic,
therefore affecting PLENTY of other 'net apps, such as RealAudio, IPhone,
IWave, and Streamworks. Probably more, but I haven't tested everything yet.

> I do have sympathy for the internet provider. He has limited
>bandwidth and has oversold it to his customers, so if one person comes
>along and hogs it all that ruins things for everyone else.

> After things stabilize and the reflector has 'learned' about
>the characteristics of the user's line. What is the data rate
>to the user? It should be less than 28.8kbps. If that is the case
>then the provider shouldn't worry.

Streamworks is a good example of how UDP should be handled. The audio and
video streams are available in various flavors, depending on your
connection. 14.4 and up is supported. I tried accessing an ISDN stream
with my 28.8 just for fun, and the connection was flatly refused.

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