ISP and lost packets.

Sam Hodge (
Mon, 23 Oct 1995 09:00:45 +0930 (CST)

Dear CU-Users,
There has been some recent discussion about the amount of
inforamtion sent to an ISP and the amount of information that actually
reaches the user on the modem attached to the ISP. It seems to me that
the computer attached to the modem is the one making the request for the
information from the reflector, but the first thing that reflector
recognises the ISP and sends as much data as the ISP can accept.
This problem has been solved witht the mac 0.83b2 version of CU-SeeMe
which allows you to set am maximum rate of data recieved. Hence if you
set this cap below what your link can accept, ie set it to 28 if you have
a 28.8 modem. Then you wont draw so many packets from the reflector and
your ISP wont get so pissed off. I have noticed when people have thier
CU-SeeMe client configured correctly then they will be reciving a feed
from me at 80-90 kbps and they wont be losing any packets, as they only
will accept 28 kbps of this feed.
I dont know if the PC version has this feature, if it doesnt I
think this woudl be a fairly high priorty.
BTW another cool feature on the mac is you can see what setting
other uses have thier max and min recive and send set to, so if someone
has setting inappropriate for thier link you can advise them how to
change it for better transmission/reception. I have surpised a lot of
people by telling them that they "cant revice 200kbps so why have max
recieve on 200 kbps?". Once they lower it to 28 then the amount of
packets lost decreases and thier picture receptioon gets better.

hope this is some help
Sam I am!
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