Ian Carr-de Avelon (
Mon, 23 Oct 1995 09:32:06 +0100

At 14:14 22-10-95 -0600, Randy Chatfield wrote:
>How is it that my ISP could even tell what I'm using on the other end of
>my IP connection?
>I just dont see how the ISP's are going to be able to stop cu-seeme or
>any other software from being used through their routers unless
> can "stop" every packet routed to the
>designated cu-see me ports.

and they can, and it is simple to do, and if they think they are going to
benefit, because:
a)The customers who they might loose were costing more than they paid.
b)It saves them changing their charging structure. $30 for unrestricted
dialup access to the world, looks good value until you see that you are
supposed to pay $360 a year to connect to their $30 modem and then send
nothing through it.
c)There is no outcry that "this is not the full Internet" and consequent
loss of face and customers. What does their advertising material say? Does
it explicitly say "Internet access is restricted to certain protocols
only"?. If not, maybe there is an advertising standards authority who would
pull them into court and make them put that.
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