Travis Dixon (
Mon, 23 Oct 1995 08:10:26 -0400

>How is it that my ISP could even tell what I'm using on the other end of
>my IP connection?
>I just dont see how the ISP's are going to be able to stop cu-seeme or
>any other software from being used through their routers unless their
>spying on their users at home, or can "stop" every packet routed to the
>designated cu-see me ports.

It's actually a trivial exercise to block this type of traffic. Any
respectible router has access-control lists that can block various
protocols down to exact ports. Apparently some ISP's have really dropped
the axe and cut ALL udp traffic. Bummer.

>They could politely ask that users dont use cu-seeme but other than that
>I dont think so.

Well, the users can then politely ask for a refund on what remains on their
contract with the ISP. There's ALWAYS someone out there who would *love*
to have their business. It's called competition.