Re: Help me please...

Roie Gat (
Mon, 23 Oct 1995 10:33:57 -0400

You might have some nice equipment on one side, but you lack it on the
other side. Over a 14.4K modem, you'll be lucky to get video. Audio you
can forget about because you need at least 16 kbps. My suggestion is to
start looking for a faster hook up to the net.

At 6:29 PM 10/22/95 -0400, wrote:
>I am in automotive training business..... Customer satisfaction focus.... I
>need to reach more of my students regularly.... please help me know what do I
>have to do to get going here. I have all the equipment, I just don't know
>how to get on line. My only server now is AOL and I just downloaded
>Netscape. My equipment is Mac Power PC 8500. I have a 14.4 express modem.
> Two cameras, one being a Quickcam and a high end Canon super8... Can you
>please help this struggling trainer out for the betterment of your next car
>shopping experience?
>Sincerely yours,
>Dr. Jonathon Zydenbos

Roie Gat
CAC Penn State University