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Thomas (
Mon, 23 Oct 1995 08:46:40 -0800

Regarding the virus alert concerning the "Good Times" virus. Has anyone
actually reported having been hit and damaged by this virus, were the names
in their E-Mail file also affected? There is a departmental dissertation
on the University of Norway, Oslo server on "meta-mental" viruses that
indicate the "Good Times" is actually a meta-mental virus, or in short a
mental scare virus. I am open minded and do want to learn of anyone
actually having been struck by this "Good Times" virus. The meta-mental
virus is designed to affect the mind of the receiver. While there is
nothing actually there the thought process reaction to the stimulus is so
terrible that it evokes an irrational reaction to a specific phrase,
object, etc.

Has anyone contacted the FCC to see if they actually did release an alert?

Sorry for the long message, but I have been trying to run down an actual
victim of the "Good Times" virus to either confirm or kill this rumor.

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