Re: reflector 4.00b1 problem

Brian O'Shea (
Mon, 23 Oct 1995 13:29:44 -0400

>I am having problems setting up a reflector (version 4.00b1) on SUN Sparc
>20 (Solaris) in that, I can set up the reflector, but having connected,
>after 5 seconds, the reflector quits with a 'Bus Error'......can anyone
>tell me why.
>I tried downloading the software from various locations, but all came up
>with the same problem..

What version? 4.00b1? The latest version is 4.00b3 which you can get with
ftp from in pub/product/demo/reflector/4.0B3 get the file
reflector-4.0-b3-solaris.tar.Z. If that still crashes, let me know ASAP.



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