Re: Now WHAT?

Steve Koval (
Mon, 23 Oct 95 10:28:59 PST

In case anyone forgot, this program is in BETA! I would suugest that you
not lay out a fortune on hardware for a program that is still under
development. Presumably the developers are striving to make CUSeeMe run as
efficiently as possible on the widest possible array of hardware. I would
hope that would be the case anyway, unlike Microsoft which takes the
opposite tack.

>Man, using this program just gets MORE frustrating! After realizing that
>I was never going to get satisfactory performance out of my PC/14.4 modem,
>I took the plunge and got an ISDN line. (The local phone company was
>offering a special promotion in which they waive the installation charge
>of about $350 if you get the TA from them.) So now I have a Motorola
>BitSURFR going into COM 2 of my 486-DX 50 Mhz, 16 MB RAM machine. Result:
>No better than the 14.4 modem. Find out that even though the machine is
>only about 2 1/2 years old, it has low speed UARTs in the COM ports.
>Invest in new multi I/O card with 16550 UARTs. Result: BARELY perceptable
>improvement over the 14.4 modem.