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Charles Pearce (pearce@ksu.ksu.edu)
Mon, 23 Oct 95 18:10:57 0500

I'm having trouble with the nicknames list. I downloaded the latest
version (0.83b2 [PPC]) and received with it a list of reflector
nicknames. However, when I tried to use them, no IP would show up in
the address box under "connect." I didled with it and got the IP for
the first address on the list to show up, but now it shows up in all
addresses. I took the list into BBEdit and manually copied and pasted
all the IPs into the appropriate places, but when I put it back into the
Preferences folder, it (the nickname list) went back to containing the
IP of the first name on the list. So far, I've manually edited about
half the nicknames (that's a loooong list), but I just know there's got
to be an easier way. Is there?

I'm using: Power Mac8100AV; TCP/IP; CU-SeeMe 0.83b2(PPC).