proposal for finding people to chat with

Elliot Smith (
Mon, 23 Oct 1995 14:17:56 +22310826 (CDT)

It has been my experience that finding people to chat with (on CUSEEME) is
difficult. You have to meet people through various mailing lists, send
e-mails back and forth to arrange meeting times, figure out the time
zones. And there aren't that many people out there, it seems; I posted a
message looking for people to talk to and I didn't get much response. I
would like to be able to sit down at CUSEEME as I would with any text
based bbs - Hit 'w' to see who's online, Hit another button to get
information on that person, and then connect to them if I like. Indeed, a
bbs would be the best place to exchange this information.
There should be a place on the Net where one can post information , like :
I'm on for the next 60 minutes at IP 123.456.789.10
I'd like practice my Sweedish or whatever.
Perhaps this place could be divided into different sections like 'French'
'English' 'Japanese' 'Grade School Education' etc....

What do you think?

I can think of a few ways to implement this :
-create a telnettable bbs
-Use a WWW site where one would fill out a form, and one's post would be
appended to a doccument, and one's post would expire from that doccument
after a time that you set.
-Use an e-mail account - one could set up an e-mail account to accept posts,
collate them all together, and mail them out to people who requested them.
-Use a listserv.

I like the idea of the CU-SEE-ME bbs the best. BBSs are very popular.
Why not go with that format for meeting people?