Re: Posted virus alert

Thomas A. Sherman (
Mon, 23 Oct 1995 16:04:18 -0500

At 08:46 AM 10/23/95 -0800, wrote:

>actually having been struck by this "Good Times" virus. The meta-mental
>virus is designed to affect the mind of the receiver. While there is
>nothing actually there the thought process reaction to the stimulus is so
>terrible that it evokes an irrational reaction to a specific phrase,
>object, etc.

My God....I think I was stuck by this meta-mental VIRUS!!!

....This is what happened!......

After studying for my MicroElectronics test all day long I proceeded to read
my email, one particular message was labeled "Good Times". I read the
message and then retired to bed thinking everything was normal.

The next day I started to take my test when all of a sudden the theme song
to "Good Times" began playing in my head...louder and louder it got...all I
could think of was JJ and the expression "DY-NO-MITE!!".

Do you think I was attacked by this "meta-mental" virus? Email me with your
thoughts...perhaps, with your help, I can persuade my teacher to allowing me
to re-take my test.

A very confused cu-seeme user,

P.S. What conference am I in???