Problems when sending video (hardware?)

Eduardo Robles (
Tue, 24 Oct 95 00:46:22 -0700

I'm using the following equipment:

Computer model: PC IBM Compatible
Processor Pentium 90
RAM Memory: 24 Mb
OS : DOS 6.2 + Windows For Workroups 3.11
Video Capture board: FAST FPS 60, using memory mapped I/O addressing (no
Camera: Sony Handycam with an SVides output, compatible with my video
board input.
Audio Board: Sound Blaster AWE32
CU-SeeMe version 0.70
TCP/IP layer: Winsock version 1.2 B

I'm having problems when wanting to send video. The video format and
source selection windows are well displayed according to the video board
drivers I have installed, but the actual local video window shows just
noise. Still I can see the video transmission from the other
participants, and my local video window shows the information on the
bottom like if it was transmitting normally (probably it is), but I have
no means to control it.

Did you experience something like this before?

Note: If i use my video capture software, I can normally capture the
video signal.