Re: proposal for finding people to chat with

John D. Lauer (
Mon, 23 Oct 1995 17:10:05 -0400

Check out the People Pages at

This site has a list of CU-SeeMe users who generally leave CU-SeeMe open on
their desktop. Its pretty much what you say, except its more permanent. So
if you have a dial-up account you shouldn't submit your IP address because
your IP isn't static.

At 02:17 PM 10/23/95 +22310826, Elliot Smith wrote:
>It has been my experience that finding people to chat with (on CUSEEME) is
>difficult. You have to meet people through various mailing lists, send
>e-mails back and forth to arrange meeting times, figure out the time
>zones. And there aren't that many people out there, it seems; I posted a
>message looking for people to talk to and I didn't get much response. I
>would like to be able to sit down at CUSEEME as I would with any text
>based bbs - Hit 'w' to see who's online, Hit another button to get
>information on that person, and then connect to them if I like. Indeed, a
>bbs would be the best place to exchange this information.
>There should be a place on the Net where one can post information , like :
>I'm on for the next 60 minutes at IP 123.456.789.10
>I'd like practice my Sweedish or whatever.
>Perhaps this place could be divided into different sections like 'French'
>'English' 'Japanese' 'Grade School Education' etc....
> What do you think?
>I can think of a few ways to implement this :
>-create a telnettable bbs
>-Use a WWW site where one would fill out a form, and one's post would be
>appended to a doccument, and one's post would expire from that doccument
>after a time that you set.
>-Use an e-mail account - one could set up an e-mail account to accept posts,
>collate them all together, and mail them out to people who requested them.
>-Use a listserv.
>I like the idea of the CU-SEE-ME bbs the best. BBSs are very popular.
>Why not go with that format for meeting people?
> -Elliot