No NT351/RAS

Erik (
Mon, 23 Oct 1995 22:00:05 -0400 (EDT)

I still haven't been able to get this configuration working...

Pentium 90 / 32Meg
WinNT 351
PPP via remote access
Dialup ppp @ 28.8
CU-SeeMe for Windows v W0.70b1

3com ethernet board connected to the rest of our network
(not using it for inet connection)

contains all the possible dialup ppp ip addresses my ISP
will assign me...and I know this is the hosts file I use
for regular telent sessions to other machines.

The standard answer to resolve this was to put all the
ip addresses your provider will give you into your
trumpet hosts file, but no mention about using RAS. I
would suspect this would also be a problem if you use
win95 and the dial-up networking for ppp instead of
trumpet...but let's not change the subject.

while connected via ras, if I open a shell, and run
tracert from my pc to like, I can
definately reach it.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.