a few questions

Laurel Fry (wind@accucomm1.accucomm.america.net)
Tue, 24 Oct 1995 02:13:39 GMT

When already connected to a reflector site, and with a "name" already typed
in the box under preferences PRIOR to being connected, if you change the
name, will it take IMMEDIATELY, or will it take on the next connect or do
you need to close the program completlely? Sometimes I use the name to
"talk" to other folks.... like sending messages... it comes in usefull when
you still do not have a cam (I am getting one).... So, my question is if I
change my "name" in midstream, will the other lurkers and senders see the
new name or the original one I used when I first connected to that

My other question... When someone is trying to send me audio (I have 28.8
modem) the audio box pops up... I have never heard of any good video.. the
best one is nasa tv..... anyway.... how does a lurker (me) know who is
trying to talk to them??? When someone is trying to talk to me, the audio
box pops up.... but that is all I know.... I do not know who, out of all the
lurkers and senders, is trying to talk.... And, if I just push the talk
button (using my mouse) and speak into the microphone, to WHOM am I
supposedly talking to? All the lurkers? All the senders and Lurkers? Or
no one, because I did not "push" a sender/lurker microphone in....

Would someone please answer these questions, and also explain, in detail,
how one goes about talking to someone..... Do you push that person's
microphone button in, and leave it in? Is that how you do it?

Thanks in advance,
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- WindDancer -