Re: Problems when sending video (hardware?)

Merja Puustinen (
Tue, 24 Oct 1995 07:22:50 +0200 (EET)


We're having very much the similar kind of problems:

ICL s450/100 + mach64 graphics card
Fast FPS 60 video capture card (IRQ 10 though)
Windows 95 installed

Video input for CU-SeeMe local window is all noise and doesn't even show
little camera icon in the status bar, but prefers to stay open anyhow. It
also seems to show that it's transmitting something...
Has anyone been successful with this video card?

In the cuseeme.ini should there be somekind of settings for the video
(like the audio settings)? If so, could some one send an example, please?

Appreciate any insights! Thanks in advance!

Andy Best & Merja Puustinen

On Tue, 24 Oct 1995, Eduardo Robles wrote:

> I'm using the following equipment:
> Computer model: PC IBM Compatible
> Processor Pentium 90
> RAM Memory: 24 Mb
> OS : DOS 6.2 + Windows For Workroups 3.11
> Video Capture board: FAST FPS 60, using memory mapped I/O addressing (no
> IRQ)
> Camera: Sony Handycam with an SVides output, compatible with my video
> board input.
> Audio Board: Sound Blaster AWE32
> CU-SeeMe version 0.70
> TCP/IP layer: Winsock version 1.2 B
> I'm having problems when wanting to send video. The video format and
> source selection windows are well displayed according to the video board
> drivers I have installed, but the actual local video window shows just
> noise. Still I can see the video transmission from the other
> participants, and my local video window shows the information on the
> bottom like if it was transmitting normally (probably it is), but I have
> no means to control it.
> Did you experience something like this before?
> Note: If i use my video capture software, I can normally capture the
> video signal.
> Eduardo


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