Paul Lantinga's comments

Cowger-CIC-TI (
24 Oct 1995 11:03:50 U

Lets try to keep messages of a technical nature!

If someone needs help, we DO NOT need several replies that simply state
the author's preferences and / or dislikes to fillup our mail boxes.

The goal, after all, is to help others to get CU-SEEME working on all
possible platforms and spread technical information to subscribers.

I'm not picking on Paul, because this happens every other day.

The problem is that the list has lost the interest, and valuable input,
from a lot of technical people simply because of the large number of
messages received every day that really have no technical value.

Replies such as Lan Carr-de Avelon's are more useful.

Michael Cowger

From: on Tue, Oct 24, 1995 09:27
Subject: Re: MSDOS Version

> Message:
> Where can I find a MSDOS version of CU-SeeMe.
> I do not run windows.

Cameron, although it is a GOOD thing to hear that you do not run
windows, you would have to rewrite DOS as a graphical interface instead
of the pretend disk operating system it pretends to be. Have you
considered unix and X-windows?

Paul R. deJong Lantinga
Systems Engineer/Netware Administrator
Calvin College Grand Rapids, Michigan