[M] V0.83b2 appears to hang Mac -Reply

Tom Creedon (creedont@ohsu.edu)
Tue, 24 Oct 1995 14:01:26 -0700

Reset Parameter RAM? reboot and hold down option, command, P and R


>>> Joe Bates <rt128.mv.com@listproc.mail.cornell.edu> - 10/24/95
11:45 AM >>>

[stuff deleted]

- replacing the CU-SeeMe application with a fresh copy and even tried
prior versions of the application

- deleting the nicknames and pref's files

- re-installing the QuickCam software (note that the QuickCam
applications all work just fine without this "hang" issue)

All to no avail.

Any ideas, suggestions or pointers would be welcome.