No NT351/RAS

Ledwith, Steven x1424 (!
Tue, 24 Oct 95 07:56:00 PDT

>I still haven't been able to get this configuration working...
>Pentium 90 / 32Meg
>WinNT 351
>PPP via remote access
>Dialup ppp @ 28.8
>CU-SeeMe for Windows v W0.70b1
>3com ethernet board connected to the rest of our network
>(not using it for inet connection)

I have a similar configuration and it works fine. If the message you get
back is "no Response", I think that means your configuration is probably ok
and your trying to connect to a reflector that is down. Check one of the
newer reflector lists published on this list.

If you're still having trouble send me email.

Steve Ledwith