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Roie Gat (
Tue, 24 Oct 1995 10:28:44 -0400

Well, for starters, since your on a 28.8 modem your gonna have to set your
audio compression rate to 16k/s using delta mode I believe it is. You will
only be able to recieve audio when it is in that mode. People who use
better modes will be able to recieve you fine, so you can tell them to set
there audio to the same thing so you can chat. While chatting on a 28.8 I
strongly suggest closing any video widows you have open because you don't
want to lose any audio packets to video.

As far as talking goes its pretty simple. If you want to talk to one
person only just click on his/her microphone icon and and hold it down and
talk. Or you can click on there mircophone icon and go to the audio window
and press talk.

If you want more information, there are a couple good web pages on
Cu-Seeme. If you any more information from me, I'll have to know what kind
of hardware and software you using (version of Cu-Seeme).

At 2:13 AM 10/24/95 +0000, Laurel Fry wrote:
>When already connected to a reflector site, and with a "name" already typed
>in the box under preferences PRIOR to being connected, if you change the
>name, will it take IMMEDIATELY, or will it take on the next connect or do
>you need to close the program completlely? Sometimes I use the name to
>"talk" to other folks.... like sending messages... it comes in usefull when
>you still do not have a cam (I am getting one).... So, my question is if I
>change my "name" in midstream, will the other lurkers and senders see the
>new name or the original one I used when I first connected to that
>My other question... When someone is trying to send me audio (I have 28.8
>modem) the audio box pops up... I have never heard of any good video.. the
>best one is nasa tv..... anyway.... how does a lurker (me) know who is
>trying to talk to them??? When someone is trying to talk to me, the audio
>box pops up.... but that is all I know.... I do not know who, out of all the
>lurkers and senders, is trying to talk.... And, if I just push the talk
>button (using my mouse) and speak into the microphone, to WHOM am I
>supposedly talking to? All the lurkers? All the senders and Lurkers? Or
>no one, because I did not "push" a sender/lurker microphone in....
>Would someone please answer these questions, and also explain, in detail,
>how one goes about talking to someone..... Do you push that person's
>microphone button in, and leave it in? Is that how you do it?
>Thanks in advance,
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