Re: [*] QuickCam

Gids (
Wed, 25 Oct 1995 10:28:01 +0000

At 09:51 25/10/95 +0100, you wrote:

>I've been thinking about buying the Connectix QuickCam. However, it seems
>hard to get good information about this product. My problem is as follows.
>At home I use a Mac, at work I have to use PC's. I understand that the base
>of the QuickCam is the same for both platforms, but the way of connecting is
>different (serial/SCSI?).

Yes, as I see it, you will have to buy two different versions. The PC
version plugs into the Parrallel port and takes power from the Keyboard. The
MAC has a different connector.

>It would be great though to use it on both platforms. Or am I asking too
>much? Is there a way to workaround this problem? (provided I have the
>software for both platforms...).

Unless there is some sort of adapter available from Connectix, fraid not.
You could try mailing them at ?